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About Us

M3DICINE was founded by a small group clinicians and engineers. Our vision is to become “The Heart Beat of the Planet”… enabling anyone, anywhere, to capture the vital signs of life, to help understand and manage health better.


M3DICINE is a medical device platform company, focused on democratising healthcare through connected, elegant products, powered by intelligent, intuitive software.

Design Philosophy

Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication.

We design tools for the passionate. For healthcare professionals on the front line and at the point of care. Working tirelessly to care for our loved ones armed with devices and tools that help amplify their inherent abilities, increasing the quality, efficiency and standard of care for all. Powerful and sophisticated devices that allow them to engage with patients' in deeper and more meaningful ways than ever before. Our devices open up new and magical ways to connect with patients, and deliver rich clinically actionable insights in real-time.

At M3DICINE we salute those healthcare professionals who have been thrust into a new era of healthcare, where our traditional tools and methods have become restrictive and antiquated, and provide little value to overcoming the new challenges we face as front line workers. The future we believe in is one where devices like Stethee Pro enable, assist and amplify our abilities and capabilities.


Our culture is inventive and passionate. We apply our inventive approach to all aspects of the business. "Invention to the power of infinity" is our way of expressing our passion for the limitless potential to rethink, reinvent and redefine how devices are used and how you can use them.

  • Invention

    Invention to the power of infinity is our way of expressing our passion for the limitless potential to rethink, reinvent and re-define how devices are used and how we can use them.

  • Be Audacious

    We are not afraid of doing the impossible. Of challenging the status quo.

  • Do the right thing & do the thing right

    We value being open, honest, having integrity and speaking our mind. We also value solution-thinking and being proactive. We strive to add maximum value (“MaxVal”) to everything we do. We follow up (“end-to-end” solutions).

  • Are you OK?

    We take the time to ask the question and will listen without prejudice.

  • Partners for life

    Our customers are our partners for life. We empower them so they can go on to help others.

  • Give back to the community

    Whenever we can... we support those who need help.

  • Bring your passion to work

    It’s not just a gig. We want you to bring your passion to work.

Our Team

Founding Group

Dr Nayyar Hussain

CEO & Founder

Nayyar has a background in computer science, industrial design and in addition to being a qualified medical doctor. Through his studies at the University of Queensland, Trinity College and MIT, Nayyar obtained a keen insight into cutting-edge medicine and technologies. He has international patents around IOT enabled devices. He is passionate about creating beautiful and intelligent products that empower health care professionals and patients around the world.

Khoa Tran

Head of Software

Khoa originally trained in multimedia design at RMIT. He worked at a multi-national advertising and web design firm before obtaining a Master of Interaction Design and Master of Information Technology specialising in Business Management. Khoa loves a good software-hardware combination, understanding that good software needs good hardware and vice versa. He leads the software team at M3DICINE to design, implement, test and document all aspects of software development. He has a strong sense of usability and user experience design.

Mary Kissane

Head of Quality & Regulatory

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Mary has worked in the healthcare industry since 1998 and specialised in the highly-regulated field of radiation therapy. She was the recipient of the Olive Fleming Memorial Medal for Clinical Excellence in 2001. She transitioned across to M3DICINE in late 2015 and has built and maintained M3DICINE’s internal Quality Management System to conform to ISO 13485 and comply with US FDA regulations. Mary has extensive knowledge of and a strong network in medical device manufacturing, international and US regulatory environments. She has guided the team in the development of M3DICINE’s regulatory strategy, achieving multiple US FDA clearances.

Dr Shamile Hussain

Chief Medical Officer

Shamile has a strong clinical medicine background extending across emergency medicine, sports and general practice. In his Chief Medical Officer role, he brings a strong clinical focus, and governance to the product roadmap as well as leveraging his deep international experience and vast network of clinicians and systems to support M3DICINE’s clinical trial and FDA compliance activities.

Dr Houman Ghaemmaghami

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Houman has over 13 years of experience in machine learning and AI. At M3DICINE he is leading research and development of cardiac and respiratory machine learning algorithms and artificially intelligent systems for the next generation of IoT enabled healthcare devices. He has a PhD from Queensland University of Technology in Biomedical signal processing algorithms and machine learning techniques and has over 30 peer reviewed publications and international patents.

Advisory Board Chairman

Professor Anthony Sinskey

Department of Biology, Health Sciences & Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MA USA. Faculty Director of the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI) that draws on the expertise of the MIT Schools of Engineering, Science, and Management as well as the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST).

“I’m personally very excited to see the potential and application of Stethee system across health and wellness industries. The real-time monitoring of patients in a variety of settings will undoubtedly provide tremendous benefits and positive clinical outcomes, but also provide new data sets fuelling research opportunities, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence in healthcare.”

- Professor Anthony Sinskey

Clinical Board

Professor John Sperling M.D

Co-Vice Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic. USA

John has extensive expertise around medical device technologies and innovation.

Professor Ed Nicol Cardiology M.D

Cardiologist Imperial College London & Wing Commander Royal Air Force. Chair of the NATO Aviation Cardiology Working Group

Ed Nicol is a Royal Air Force consultant cardiologist and has published over 100 original papers, book chapters and a book covering cardiology, cardiovascular CT, military and aviation medicine, and healthcare leadership. He is the current Chair of the NATO Aviation Cardiology Working Group.

Professor Kao Poa-Tang

Consultant Emergency Pediatrician at the National University Hospital Singapore.

Kao has over 21 years’ experience in Children's Emergency Services. He is also a member of the Pediatric Disaster Field Team and Singapore Armed Forces Tsunami Missions.

Veterinary Clinical Board

Rosemary Booth D.V.M

Director Australia Zoo Hospital

Rosie has a 25 year career as a zoo and wildlife veterinarian including work at the Melbourne Zoo, Currumbin Sanctuary and Australia Zoo.

Professor Sonya Gordon D.V.M

Professor of Cardiology Texas A&M USA

Sonya is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in the specialty of cardiology. Her special interests are focused on canine chronic valve disease, imaging, interventional procedures, and clinical trials.

Professor Niek Beijernk

Professor of Cardiology Sydney University Australia

Niek is a Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine at the University of Sydney Veterinary School and has also completed a PhD in canine endocrinology and reproduction . He is a Diplomate of European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology).

Research and Development Partners