Stethee Vet

Stethee Vet

Designed for Veterinary Professionals.
The World’s First AI Stethoscope for
Veterinary Professionals.

Stethee Vet amplification technology.

Precision custom designed digital filters, helps to reduce animal fur background noise allowing you to listen and record heart, lung and body sounds with incredible clarity and depth…on all creatures cute and cuddly.

"Stethee is a non-invasive tool with enormous potential to assist our understanding of animal health in rehabilitation facilities, in the wild and in captivity. Its geo-location functionality adds a layer of efficiency and detail for field researchers performing health assessments on wild animals. Its small sleek design allows use on conscious animals causing no distress. Its sensitivity surpasses human senses and its ability to “learn” with increasing use creates potential to deeply and quantitatively investigate the health of both individuals and populations of wild animals in a hospital setting or in the wild. Stethee has the ability to accurately and sensitively measure cardiac and respiratory function and compare trends over time without causing pain or distress."

Rosemary Booth

Wildlife Veterinarian and Director of Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Maintain high quality examination records.

Stethee Vet allows you to capture and compare quantitative and objective clinical data. Empower your support staff to triage and collect samples. All this helps to increase efficiency, quality and productivity in your practice.

“M3DICINE has given us a novel tool, Stethee Vet, an AI enabled stethoscope that has the potential to raise the level of care for animals around the world.”

Professor Sonya Gordon

D. V. M, Cardiology

A new level of care.

Hand Stethee Vet to a pet owner to use and let them capture the vital signs of their pets. Your clients will be amazed and fully engaged.

Stethee Vet App.

Hand Stethee Vet to your clients and offer a personalised and 24/7 level of service and care.

Record, Share and Compare your patient’s cardiac, lung and other vital signs over time.

Quantitative vital signs captured in just seconds.

AIDA intelligence - The more you use Stethee Vet, the smarter it becomes.

“The stethoscope is used routinely as the first screening test for heart and respiratory disease and is part of every physical examination, yet it can be challenging for veterinarians due to the wide variety of species and clinical circumstances encountered. The potential clinical uses of Stethee are numerous. For example, it is routine for primary care veterinarians to acquire second opinions on diagnostic tests that can be easily transferred digitally to a specialist. Stethee Vet makes this possible with heart and lung sounds. The ability to store these sounds and associated phonocardiograms means that, as with other diagnostic test like blood work, auscultation findings can be monitored overtime and potentially help with the assessment of disease progression and response to therapy. Stethee Vet opens up a new window of opportunity to improve veterinary patient care."

Professor Ashley Saunders

D. V. M, Cardiology