Stethee Pro

Sorry, there’s no rubber tubing.

Dimensions and Weight

1.6 x 2.4 inches (40mm x 60mm)

6 ounces (170g)


Aerospace Grade Aluminium Alloy Housing

Beautifully balanced in the hand

IP 34

Does not contain any natural rubber latex

Connection & Compatibility

3.5mm AUX Adaptor for headphones or audio cable

Multi-Point Bluetooth® Technology

iOS and Android mobile applications require Bluetooth compatible mobile devices

Stethee Pro iOS App supports many Apple™ mobile devices and can be used on *iPhone 7/7 plus and later, with iOS 11.0+ and greater than 100MB of free memory.

Stethee Pro Android™ Application supports Android phones running Android 7 or later versions and greater than 100MB free memory.

Stethee Pro Central Web Application supports browsers that support Web-Kit base rendering engine, including: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and MS Edge.


Easy ON/OFF function – auto OFF feature

Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery

Supports USB2.0 and USB3.0

Fast Charge USB3.0

Overcharge Protection

Digital Stethoscope

Up to 96 x amplification

5 onboard filters

Ambient noise cancellation

20Hz – 2kHz frequency response


Tuneable and replaceable diaphragm One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Includes faults related to the battery, microphone, LED, USB port and processor. The replaceable diaphragm is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.