How do I replace the Diaphragm on Stethee Pro?

  • Last Published Date: March 22, 2021

How Do I Replace the Diaphragm on Stethee Pro?

Under normal conditions, it is unnecessary to remove the diaphragm prior to cleaning. The diaphragm can easily be cleaned by wiping it with Isopropyl alcohol wipes. If, however the diaphragm is damaged or it becomes necessary to replace the diaphragm, follow the instructions carefully below:

Diaphragm Removal:

With the base side up, use your thumbnail to lift the underside portion of the diaphragm out of its designated grove, and peel it off the base. The groove that holds the diaphragm in place can then be cleaned by sliding the edge of an isopropyl alcohol wipe around the groove.

Diaphragm Reassembly:

Once the base is completely dry, insert the existing diaphragm (or new diaphragm) into the groove of the rim, starting at one point, and run your finger around the diaphragm until it is seated back in the groove.


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