Step 4 – Understanding Stethee Pro LED Status Modes

  • Last Published Date: March 10, 2021

The LED Ring indicator will help you identify Stethee Pro status modes. 


LED Ring Indicator Colour Description of the LED Ring
No Light Stethee Pro is OFF.
Rainbow Animation Startup animation after powering on the device. Note: Holding down the Control Button during this startup animation will place the device in Bluetooth Pairing Mode.
Flashing Blue and White Bluetooth Pairing Mode. The device is discoverable by a mobile device.
Flashing White Ready to use but not paired with a Bluetooth device.
Flashing Blue Ready to use and paired with a Bluetooth device. Stethee Pro will stream live audio to the paired device.
Glowing White Streaming audio through wired headphones. Stethee Pro is not connected to a Bluetooth device.
Glowing Blue Connected to a Bluetooth device and streaming audio
Flashing Orange The LED will flash orange intermittently when the battery level is below 10%.
Glows Light to Dark Blue Connected to a USB power source and the battery is charging. Stethee Pro cannot be used while charging
Solid Blue Connected to a USB power source and the battery is fully charged (100%)


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